Millinery Flower Headpiece with Worbla Black Art

Worbla Black Art Thermoplastic Millinery FlowerWould you like to see my latest thermoplastic experiment with Worbla’s Black Art?

Worbla Black Art, like Worbla mesh art and finest art becomes flexible at around 90 degrees Celsius, but has a much smoother finish. I’d previously seen a great article by a cosplayer on the Worbla website on how to make leaves using a silicon cake flower mould. I totally loved this idea (especially as I’m not great artist) and started to play.

finest art and black art worbla leaves

There leaves are really easy to make. You basically cut out a leaf shape from the Worbla, heat it up and then press it firmly onto the mould to create the leaf veins. The leaf on the left is Black Art, the one on the right is Finest Art – you can see how much smoother the Black Art is.

Black Art Worbla Leaves with pinking shear and smooth cut edge

I initially cut the leaf shape using pinking shears but then decided I preferred a smoother edge.

The silicon mould also has a dogwood flower petal and centre imprint which makes it so easy to create a beautiful design – takes me right back to play-school days!

dogwood flower Worbla Black Art

The flower centre imprint is in the top left corner of the mould above – it’s simply a case of heating the Worbla Black Art, rolling it into a ball and pressing into the mould. The flower centre can be stuck into the centre of the flower by using the adhesive properties of the hot Black Art material.

Black Art Worbla Flower

The last part of my flower decoration was a swirl – a cardboard tube (covered in foil to stop the Black Art sticking) came in very handy. First cut a strip, heat until it becomes malleable and then wind around the covered tube until it cools.

Worbla Black Art heating

Worbla Black Art on tube

I decided that the swirl was too thick for my flower, so I cut the strip in half along its centre to give it a finer look. There, much better – just a leaf to add (and the pencil marks to rub out!

Assembled flower detail Worbla Black Art

To turn my flower into a headpiece I attached it (with some UHU glue) to a Sinamay base.  Voila! Not bad for my first attempt!

Worbla Black Art Headpiece