Hats off for Headbands

If you have picked up a magazine or popped into a hair accessory shop, you will of noticed the growing trend of chunky padded headbands. From a milliners point of view, it’s great to see headwear being worn as an every day fashion staple.

It has been great fun designing the headbands for my pop up shop in Bosham Walk – some trimmed with feathers, pearl beads, and other with sparkly Swarovzki crystals.

Originally on-trend in the 80’s, the padded headband is back, bigger and better than ever before. I’m loving the creative names that the media are coming up, ‘Power band’ with a reference to the 80’s era, ‘Halo band’ for the shape and perhaps my favourite name to date the ‘Hat band’.

Kate Middleton, The Duchess of Cambridge, is an avid wearer of the headband, choosing a beautiful Jane Taylor halo style headpiece for her sons (Prince Louis) christening. These halo headbands are blocked like a traditional hat on a wooden shapes and really do make you feel like a princess. I have been creating my own range which are proving rather popular with clients.

I’m currently developing my Spring / Summer 2020 collection and I’m sure you will be seeing a headband in there. If you were to design your dream headband what would it look like?

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