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Beyond Goodwood Revival
Goodwood Revival is one of my most favourite annual events. Goodwood Revival is about more than the motor racing, it is about old school glamour, the opportunity to dress up in period outfits and the chance to walk into a ‘live’ film set at every turn. As a local West Sussex milliner, Goodwood and its annual events are a key […]
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Daisy Crochet Bunting – Free Pattern
Are you ready for some daisy love? Our crochet daisies are really easy to make – the hardest thing is working out what to do with all your flowers. Will it be some bunting, a bookmark, door curtain or retro belt and headband? You will need some yellow, green and white yarn (if you would like yellow and white daisies). Check the […]
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Knitted Rolled Brim Beanie Hat – Free beginners pattern
For my quick and easy rolled brim beanie hat grab yourself some double knitting yarn and a pair of knitting needles (check the back of the yarn to see the recommended size.) For my beanie hat I am using a pair of 4.5mm needles and a variegated 'Crofter DK’ yarn at it gives you a Fair Isle effect without the hard […]
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The Stitch Sharer
10 years ago I picked up my needles and began a blog called 'The Stitch Sharer'. After a day in the office I found that being able to create something with my hands gave me a great sense of achievement. Whether it was a crochet hook, knitting or sewing needle, the rhythmic nature of each stitch and focus needed to […]
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