Frequently Asked Questions

How do I wear my hair accessory?

Check out our 'how to wear' style guide page for lots of idea!

How do I wear my hat?

Cocktail & Percher hats are designed to be worn at an angle towards the front of the head.  The front edge of the hat should sit approx 1cm above the eyebrow.

If your hat comes with millinery elastic this should be taken around the back of your head where your hairline is. The hat is then placed into its correct wearing position before sections of hair are teased out to cover the elastic. 

If your headpiece comes with a hair comb, the teeth should point forward or at the angle you are wearing the hat. In the area where the comb will be positioned, slightly backcomb your hair and placing two kirby hair grips in a criss cross 'X' shape. This will provide an anchorage point which the teeth of the comb can be pushed into. If your headpiece has a comb and elastic - put elastic around back of head first, then slide in the comb so the headpiece is in its wearing position, before covering the elastic with your hair.

Please look at the photos on our hats and headpieces to gain an idea of how different hats are designed to be worn - the above is just a guide. It is always a good idea to ask your milliner to take a photo of you with your hat in its correct place - and then to share this with the person who is styling your hair. There are a few useful video on You Tube which may help.

how to find the right hat

How do I look after my hat?

The majority of my hats and headpieces are not designed to be worn in the rain as this can cause the headpiece to loose its shape. If your hat becomes wet blot off excess water with a soft cloth, reshape and leave somewhere warm to dry. Scrunched up acid free tissue paper can help to shape the crown. Do not place on direct heat e.g. radiator as this may cause shrinkage. 

Store in dust free place - a hat box is ideal as it this also protects from the sun’s bleaching effect. Handle your hat by the brim, rather than crown whenever possible. 

Felt hats should be lightly brushed with a soft clean brush. If your hat becomes marked initially try to remove these with a soft dry cloth - if this doesn’t work you could try a slightly damp cloth.

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