Design your own - Reversible Bow Headband

Design your own - Reversible Bow Headband


Design your own reversible headband with our personalised fabric option. Just select your chosen fabrics  using the drop down menu. If you would prefer a different fabric combination to that shown just let us know by emailing

Our reversible headbands are great for multiple looks to suit your mood and outfit. They can be worn with or without the tie. To reverse the fabric remove the tie and turn the fabric around the central metal core.


The reversible headband is a multi-wear hair accessory that can be worn in so many different ways. The fabric can be twisted around the central metal core making it reversible so or you can change your look depending on your outfit or mood. You can even go for a half-way twist to showcase both fabrics. Our reversible headband also comes with a double sided bow which you can knot around the band in various positions for a playful look.

Handcrafted in West Sussex, UK by Isabella Josie.

If you love this style, but would like it in a different fabric, just contact us for a bespoke order

Additional information

Fabric 1

Aqua, Black, Burgundy, Deep Pink, Fucshia Pink, Oat, Lemon, Lilac, Navy, Peacock, Red, Sky Blue, Sunshine, White

Fabric 2

American Disty, Blue Anemone, Ditsy, Flora Folk Ivory, Floral Folk Black, Hibiscus, Honey Bee, Jaguar, Lynx, Red Anemone, Tucan, Union Jack

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