Folding Panama - Genuine Classic Mens Hat

Folding Panama - Genuine Classic Mens Hat


The most classic of all panamas, the Folder Panama (often referred to as Colonial) has a distinct crease in the centre, allowing it to roll with maximum ease and retain its shape, so is ideal for frequent travel.

This is a genuine panama hat, handwoven in Ecuador and finished to the highest standard in England.

Panama Hat Travel tubes are available at an additional cost of £10 - please contact us if you would like this added to your order.



How to Roll a Panama Hat

1. Turn down the brim all the way round
2. Hold the hat with the crown running from left to right
3. Fold carefully along the centre ridge of the crown, pushing one side of the hat into the other
4. Gently roll the hat loosely into a cone-like shape – you can put a band or scarf around to keep it held loosely in place.

Please note: this Panama hat does not come with a travelling tube. Travel tubes are available as an additional purchase.The purpose of rolling a Genuine Panama hat should always be for the convenience of travel only and your hat should not be kept permanently stored rolled up

Cleaning your Panama

  • Your hat can be cleaned using a damp cloth or a gentle facial wipe/ babywipe - try to remove any dirt marks with a dry cloth first, and then using warm water gently try to remove the mark with a clean cloth
  • Avoid rubbing too hard as this may damage the natural fibres of the straw
  • We do not recommend you use any cleaning agents or soap
Reshaping your Panama
  • Should your hat lose its original shape, you can steam it gently to try to regain its shape by hand and dry it gently using a hairdryer
  • The brim can be reshaped by using a steam iron on the lowest setting and a clean damp cloth, ensuring the iron does not come into direct contact with the straw itself


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