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The Golden Age of Glamour: A brief fashion history 1930 - 1940.
The 1930s, was the Golden Age of Glamour, where silver screens dazzled and fashion flourished. From bias cut curves to matching skirt suits check out our blog post to find our more about 1930's fashion history in order to style your Goodwood Revival outfit.
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Unleashing the Fashion freedom of The 1920's
From the discovery of Tutankhamun's tomb to the Flapper Vote of 1928 our 1920-1930's blog post will give you an insight into how these key events took their place in 1920's fashion history.
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The Elegance and of The Edwardian Era: A Brief Fashion History 1900's - 1910's
The 1900-1910s marked a period of change and liberation, from restrictive clothing and wide brimmed bird filled hats to liberating and fluid styles. From the beginning of women's liberation to the birth of the RSPB our blog pots focused on the key looks of the Edwardian era.
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Get ready for Goodwood Revival: Fashion Past and Future
Do you want to know about Laver's Law and how it is can be used to predict the next fashion cycle? Are you heading to Goodwood Revival and keen to ensure your outfit is on-point with era dressing? Our forthcoming series of 20th Century blog post is for you. Our first blog post in our fashion history series highlights the cycles of fashion and hints at what's to come.
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Goodwood Revival 2022
Goodwood Revival is one of my most favourite annual events. Goodwood Revival is about more than the motor racing, it is about old school glamour, the opportunity to dress up in period outfits and the chance to walk into a ‘live’ film set at every turn. As a local West Sussex milliner, Goodwood and its annual events are a key […]
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Goodwood Revival 2021
If you are a follower of my blog you will know I love vintage fashion. I think it's the nostalgic glamour of the 1940s / 50s that attracts me the most and the opportunity to wear a hat as an everyday accessory. Rather than focus on the Goodwood Revival racing, I thought it would be fun to share an insiders […]
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Goodwood Revival 2019
This time last week Goodwood Revival was in full swing. Thousands of people were dressed in their finest vintage outfits at the famous historic motor race meeting. At Goodwood Revival, you will find me soaking up the atmosphere at the fairground, marketplace or watching the dancing - there is so much to see. My 'must-go' to place is the Earl […]
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