The Stitch Sharer

10 years ago I picked up my needles and began a blog called 'The Stitch Sharer'. After a day in the office I found that being able to create something with my hands gave me a great sense of achievement. Whether it was a crochet hook, knitting or sewing needle, the rhythmic nature of each stitch and focus needed to concentrate helped me to find a sense of peace. With the way the world has changed over the last few years due to Covid, many of us haven't had the chance to go into an office and connect with friends or colleagues on a daily basis as we used to. To me, there is an even greater need to find something for a few minutes each day that feels 'therapeutic' to our soul.

I am not an expert at crochet and knitting, but the blog that I started 10 years ago has helped so many others start their own stitching journey's. I can't thank you all enough for your comments and follows. My own Stitch Sharer path has led me onto a new adventure and over the last seven years I have retrained as a milliner. I am at the point now where I am about to give up my day job so I can focus on growing my own hat making business.

My desire to help people still remains and over the next few months I'll be moving some of my most popular Stitch Sharer posts onto this website and write about some of the business elements which I hope you will find useful.

British Millinery Associationaward winning hat shop new business of the year 2022 Isabella Josie

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