Jumbo Scrunchies

Jumbo Scrunchies


Have you seen our jumbo scrunchies? They are a total puff of 80's delight. Perfect for a 'grab-and-go' no fuss up-do our jumbo scrunchies are sure to become your hair accessory favourite.


Made from 100% cotton by Isabella Josie in her Arundel Hat Studio.

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Blue, Emerald Green, Ivory Beige, Aqua, Peacock, Cerise, Lemon, Sunshine, Tucan, Ditsy, Candy, Red Daisy, Blue Daisy, Leopard, Lynx, Hibiscus, Burgundy, Floral Folk Ivory, Floral Folk Black, Blue Anemone, Red Anemone, Jaguar, Honey Bee, Union Jack, American Ditsy

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